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March 2022
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Meet Your Summit Host - Dr. Lisa Olszewski

Dr. Lisa Olszewski, a leading wellness chiropractor, Certified Naturopath and nutrition expert, helps families around the world both locally, as well as virtually through personalized lifestyle coaching. She specializes in addressing the underlying factors of chronic pain and disease by customizing health programs that are both simple and transformational.  YES! Those can exist at the same time.

Dr. Lisa O.  founded the American Institute of Healthy Living in 2017, creating a place for women to learn simple, sustainable steps to create positive lifelong health changes, through online courses, virtual summits and personalized wellness coaching.

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JJ Virgin

Tank Top Worthy Arms At Any Age

It's no surprise that strength and muscle tone is the new sexy. Discover the top secrets to get lean muscles, without getting bulky and how to biohack your nutrition for optimal success.

Amanda Testa

The Science of the Big O: Why It's Necessary To Health And Wellness

Women: we're complicated. What works for one woman might not work for the next. Find out why it's so important to your overall health to regularly achieving orgasm and how you can experience them more often - even if you've never had one before.

Dr. Grace Liu

What's Really Going On With Your Stomach And How To Fix It For Good

The latest research shows the health of your gut influences your overall health including your mental wellness. Whether you're struggling with stomach issues or having problems elsewhere, you'll want to listen to find out what's causing them and how you can fix it!

Christine Hansen

Stop The Insomnia: The Secrets To Restful Sleep

Research reveals that your lack of deep sleep MAY be killing you slowly. Discover why it's so hard to attain a good night's sleep and what to do to create an environment that support rejuvenation. Spoiler, it's not sleeping pills.

Dr. Sharon Stills

Happy, Healthy Tatas

The importance of breast health and prevention can't be underestimated. Learn easy strategies to implement now to keep the girls healthy later!

Dr. Lisa Koche

Reclaim Your Life: Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Is it ok to secretly want your "old life" back? You may have been giving everyone else priority without nourishing yourself in the process. Discover new science that reveals you NEED to put your oxygen mask on first.

Dr. Deb Matthew

Balancing Work And Life Without Burning Out

Learn how you can balance and manage your days without dropping the ball, while doing it with boundless energy. Master burnout so that you never have to feel unbalanced or overwhelmed again!

Maria Claps, Kristin Johnson

Melt Away Your Stubborn Belly Fat

Here's the truth: It IS harder to lose weight as we get older. Find out why your diet (and your hormones) may be sabotaging your best intentions and how you can eliminate even decades old belly fat.

Jane Barlow

How To Decrease Stress And Overwhelm Without Harmful Meds

Discover the secrets to manage your stress naturally so that you can stop drowning in it. Never let stress, anxiousness and overwhelm go unchecked again.

Tina Marie St. Cyr

The Secrets To Reclaiming Your Sexy Body: Mindset Matters

Yes, most women struggle with feeling inadequate which wrecks our sexy. Uncover the hidden mysteries to this decade old phenomenon and reclaim YOU!

Dr. Caitlin Czezowski

Hidden Toxins In Your Mouth That May Be "Literally" Making You Crazy

There are toxins lurking inside your mouth that are NOT part of your healthy digestion. learn what, why and how, these toxins may be contributing to your sluggish thyroid, mood swings or wacky hormones.

Sarah Phillipe

The Truth About Breast Implants & Undiagnosed Mystery Illness

Learn about the new research that's revealing the horrific root cause of many mystery illnesses. The secret to unknown illness may lie within -- find out whether your implants may be at fault.

Dr. Beth Westie

The Truth About Food and Hormone Imbalance

More and more doctors are now talking about the intrinsic relationship between our diet and our hormones. Find out how the food you eat may be sabotaging your best efforts and creating the hormonal issues you're struggling with on a daily basis.

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

What's Happening "Down There"? Why You Should NOT Ignore Your Pelvic Health

For so many of us, it's a word we just don't use-- and unfortunately, it's a body part we may not be comfortable asking questions about regarding our health. We're deep diving into everything VAGINA in this presentation. You won't want to miss it!

Dr. Chloe Charmichael

The Unexpected Chapter: Navigating Life After Divorce

It's an unfortunate reality that the majority of marriages now end in divorce. Whether it was on your radar or not, you'll want to listen in to learn the steps to emerge whole if you must go through this unexpected chapter of life.

Cynthia Thurlow

Solutions For The Weightloss Struggle

Learn why the timing of the food you eat may have an impact greater than you know.  We're revealing new science that can get you back in shape and stop fat in its tracks!

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Building Resilience - You Are More Than Enough

Inadequacy - it can undermine us in all aspects of our life. Discover the newest revelations as to why we experience it, how to let go of shame so that you can finally feel whole again.

Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS

Ditch Your Skin Issues For Good: Holistic Science of Beauty

We know, it's not fair. We end up with wrinkles while we're still dealing with zits! Find out what you can do naturally at home to bring out your best skin.

Amy Stark

Coping With Anxiety: Stop The Downward Spiral

Anxiety and depression are the silent epidemic. We're tackling this unmentionable topic head on discussing simple holistic and natural options to add to your daily routine to stop you from feeling broken.

Heather Aardema

How To Find Your Purpose & Feel Fulfilled

Why do some women have it all but still feel completely unfulfilled? We're going to dig deep to help you find passion and purpose in life again without feeling like you're being selfish.

Dr. Kiera Barr

Sex, Skin & Hormones: Glowing Skin For Your 30's 40's & Beyond

"Maturing" skin: We've all been there-- looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to our youthful complexion? Discover the intricate details in the ever changing female hormonal cascade and how to help use them to our advantage!

Dr. Heather Denniston

Simple Fitness Hacks For Women

Why do some women stay motivated and other keep falling off the wagon? Discover your bio-individual workout routine that you'll love and how to biohack your body for the best results!

Louise Swartswalter

Creating Clarity In Uncertain Times

Overwhelmed, confused, uncertain. Every woman can relate, no matter your age. Discover the newest techniques in brain soul balancing to help create clarity in your life.

Naomi Judge

Cyclical Mood Swings: Food & Our Emotional Well Being

We've all been there- that week when everyone is on your last nerve? Or 3 weeks of brain fog and mood swings? Why do our hormones cause so many issues? Find out how FOOD might be the CULPRIT!

Dr. Krista Burns

Avoid The Dreaded Grandma Hunch

Younger women are now exhibiting a "grandma" hunch. You can stop the stoop and eliminate your belly pooch with these simple steps to instantly begin correcting bad posture, so that you can feel and look you best!

Dr. Debra Muth

Who Drove Off With My Sex Drive?

The loss of sex drive and what to do about it is the elephant in the bedroom. No matter the age, all women need to watch this presentation to learn the secrets to a healthy, balanced and fulfilling sex life!

Dr. Anna Cabeca

How To Delay The Effects Of Menopause

Science is revealing the hidden consequences of not preparing your body or mind for the changes that some experience with menopause. No matter if your pre, post or in the thick of hot flashes, this is one discussion that you don't want to miss!

Holly Bertone

Cancer? It Doesn't Need To Be A Death Sentence

Whether you or your someone you know has been recently diagnosed, going through treatment, or in remission, this is a presentation you won't want to miss. Discover proven healing techniques to help you on the journey to recovery.

Dr. Radka Pontoppidan-Toms

How To Look Sexy In Bifocals Progressives

The struggle is REAL. Find out the reasons why our vision shifts and how taking steps early can help prevent the rapid decline of your eyesight.

Dr. Debi Silber

Betrayal: A Silent Epidemic

Betrayal from our closest family and friends (and the deep emotional trauma that comes with it) creates deep wounds. The good new is that you CAN heal and even create a stronger deeper connection with your loved ones.

Dr. Tabatha Barber

Why Can't I Stop Peeing When I Sneeze, Cough, Laugh and MORE?!?

Yes, every woman secretly wants to know how we can stop peeing every time we laugh, sneeze, jump and cough. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea what to do about it. Discover the effective ways to bust through the struggle of embarrassing incontinence.

Dr. Aumatma Simmons

The Silent Struggle of Infertility

It's a struggle many couples experience but have difficulty talking about. Explore the new science as to why infertility is becoming more common when there are natural options before turning to IVF.

Dr. Melinda Ring

Keeping Your Bones Healthy & Strong Forever

Shocking new research reveals that osteoporosis can start as early as your teens, well before you're prepared to do something about it. No matter the decade of life you're in, discover what you must do now to help stop brittle bones before they break you!

Jane Hogan

How To Stop Chronic Pain In Its Tracks

Did you know that there may be a connection with pain pills, hormones and your chronic aches and pains? Find out why your hormones play a role in our chronic achiness and banish the suffering once and for all.

Sabriya Dobbins

Self Care 101, Where Do I Begin?

Discover simple steps to create heathy habits, not just for your, but for your family to thrive. Find out why this time you CAN make it work even if you think you've tried everything.

Dr. Madiha Saeed

Don't Fail In The Parenthood Game. Navigating Kid Stress

Stress is on the rise for everyone -- adults and children. Whether you have new babies at home or teenagers ready to leave for college, all mom's struggle with knowing whether or not the decisions they're making are the "right ones."

Linda Osmond

The Pelvic Floor: What Is It & Why Should You Care?

The pelvic floor can be extremely confusing- find out why every woman needs to understand the importance of this area and the inter-connectedness to the rest of the body--from your feet to your brain!

Dr. Meghan Walker

Work Life Balance? How Do We Do It All?

Strategic steps to juggling all the balls in the air and winning. No matter your age, it's a presentation you don't want to miss.

Julie Rosales

Hidden Toxicity: Stop Sabotaging Your Health

The thousands of choices we intentionally (and unintentionally) make on a daily basis impact our health and those we love. Learn the simple strategic steps to correct course!

Dr. Robyn Benson

The Secret To Reversing Hair Loss

The embarrassing problem we don't want to talk about as women... hair loss! Discover why it may be happening to you and what you can do to stop it in its tracks.

Dr. Kendra Becker

Hacking Our Genes To Fit In Our Jeans

Just because our parents or grandparents gave us our genes doesn't dictate our destiny. Find out what latest research reveals on genetics and epigenetics!

Krystle Howald

The Pelvic Floor After Childbirth: Will It Ever Be Normal Again?

Pregnancy shifts our body. Do we just deal with a "new normal" or are there ways to heal through the challenges-- from incontinence to painful sex, we're covering it all. Whether you delivered recently (or years ago!), you're not going to want to miss this presentation!

Susan Bratton

The Best Sex of Your Life: Getting What YOU Want In Bed

We all want it, but sometimes it seems so out of reach.  Become THE woman ALL your friends are envious of... the one that's literally having the most orgasmic sex of her life.  No, it's not a fallacy, it can be your REALITY.
We've Left Nothing Out of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  

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